Tuesday, March 3, 2009

State of the warlock?

In yesterday's thread on dual spec and class balance somebody was claiming that warlocks still topped the dps meters, and were the best damage dealing class around. That isn't what I see. A census (CensusPlus) I made last weekend on my server revealed warlocks to be the least popular class now. In our guild there is not a single raiding warlock any more, and in the few cases where I did raid with a warlock, his dps was less than that of the tanks.

So, am I on a server where all good warlocks got kidnapped by aliens? Or are warlocks really a bit weak in their current state? That would explain why patch 3.1 boosts them. If you play a warlock, or group regularly with one, I would like to hear about it. Where do warlocks currently rank damage-wise, top, middle, or bottom of the heap? Why has warlock become so unpopular? (WarcraftRealms shows them overall being second least popular after shamans over all levels, and least popular among level 80.)

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