Thursday, March 26, 2009

How prepared are you for Ulduar?

Ixobelle is asking a good question: "Are we honestly going to be expected to zone in for the very first time on the first new raid content in a while, expected to already know what our role is exactly going to be, exactly where to stand, and exactly what to do?" This of course in response to a guild requesting just that, that people already study Ulduar on the PTR, or read tactics and watch videos that explain you exactly what to do. Well, at least the tactics reading part is also required in my guild, I guess I'll read about the bosses of Ulduar before I actually meet them.

Of course that basically destroys the most fun part of raiding, meeting an unknown challenge and figuring out how to beat it. People are rushing for server firsts, and now test server firsts, not just for the status, but because then they'll get to spoil the fun of everybody else. And everybody else is stupid enough to just follow the tactics other people posted. One day somebody is going to hack WoWWiki and change an entry for a new boss to "this boss can only be beaten while hopping on your left leg", and we will all hop on our left legs while trying to beat him, without even questioning why.

I'm not playing on the PTR, and I'll only do the minimum required in preparation before I go there for the first time. Which won't help, as the raid leader will explain tactics anyway before the fight. I'd propose we all go in there blind, wipe a couple of times, and come up with our own tactics, but I guess that proposal would just get laughed at. Just like in the story about the addons, the big question is: Why are so many people complaining that raids are too easy, but do everything in their power to make them even easier? All this talk about looking for challenge is just a big fat lie!

How prepared are you for Ulduar? Will you know everything there is to know about it before your first raid on the live servers? Will you have already played through Ulduar on the PTR before that raid goes live? Or are you daring to go unprepared, and come up with your own tactics?

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