Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A simple change to WoW armor

In the open Sunday thread there was a discussion about whether classes that can wear heavier armor should be allowed to roll on lighter armor. That is especially significant for healers. A paladin healer is presumably not highly interested in how high his armor value is, and would consider a piece of cloth armor with great healing stats as upgrade to a piece of plate armor with bad stats. So the healing paladin can roll on plate, mail, leather, or cloth armor pieces. A healing shaman can roll on mail, leather, and cloth. A healing druid on leather and cloth. And a healing priest only on cloth armor. Which means the lighter the armor piece that drops, the higher the competition. A healing piece of plate armor is going to the paladin uncontested. A healing piece of cloth armor can be rolled on by healing paladins, shamans, druids, and priests. And that is without considering that since "+ healing power" has been removed as a stat, the mages and warlocks can roll on cloth items with "healing stats" too, because the same stats are good for magic damage.

So I was wondering whether Blizzard couldn't introduce a simple change to the game: Disable the ability to wear lighter armor. Paladins could only wear plate, shamans could only wear mail, druids could only wear leather, etc., no more "downgrading" of armor. Why should one type of healer be allowed to wear more types of armor than another one? It doesn't make sense! If every class just has one type of armor to wear, things get a lot simpler, and there is less fighting over loot.

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