Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WAR official forums

I guess this post will solicit less response, but the subject is basically the same as yesterdays: A game company making life harder for their fans, and the fans going on strike. In this case it it Mythic, who recently introduced official WAR forums. And the Only-WAR fan forums are closing down, saying Mythic made them obsolete.

While official forums might be unfortunate for WAR fan forums, I do think overall it should be easier to follow what Mythic says now they have an official forum. I remember last year some people from Mythic made statements in the comment section of my blog. Well, I'm honored, but for anyone trying to run a "blue tracker" of all official statements that must have been hell to visit every single blog and forum out there.

Now many people are opposed to official forums because the quality is often bad, with lots of trolls clamoring for attention. But I do believe that is simply a matter of forum policing. If you get some strict moderators wielding a hefty ban stick, you quickly weed out the worst trolls and make even official forums a useful place to get information.

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