Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dungeons of Dransik

I can understand that you are probably not interested in an isometric 2D Free2Play generic fantasy MMORPG. I'm not playing it either. But Ashen Empires just announced their Dungeons of Dransik expansion, in which players will be able to design dungeons, which can then be played through by other players in the MMO. Quote:
When released, Dungeons of Dransik will utilize a free, downloadable editor called the Ashen Empires Content Creator. Players will be able to make their own custom dungeon-crawl adventures and then share them in game.

The Content Creator is a light download with intuitive controls that make it easy to design a variety of interesting dungeon adventures without knowledge of scripting or coding. Several art packs will be available to purchase for Dungeons of Dransik, which comes with a large set of free artwork. The Ashen Empires Content Creator allows for infinite game-play possibilities by giving users tools to place NPC's, triggers, objects, teleporters, and traps on their highly customized maps. Content Creators can also set names and level ranges for creatures on their maps to further customize their creations.

After creating a custom map, players will purchase space to upload their maps to the game server. Iron Will Games will also offer the option to bind it to exclusive and scenic locations. Others can then access and play user-created maps at no cost. Dungeons can be named, rated by others, and tagged with a difficulty level.
As an idea I find that very interesting. Of course there are tons of problems involved, starting from Sturgeon's Law, which is the bane of user-created content in Web 2.0 ideas like this. But maybe the creators having to purchase server space will eliminate the worst free creations. So kudos for the innovation, even I'm still not going to play Ashen Empires.

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