Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Opting out of Malygos

I recently did the Malygos fight in normal and heroic version, and I don't like it. I'm not especially fond on the flying mount dogfighting combat in phase 3, but I could probably force myself to learn it. But what I can't stand is the feeling of powerlessness I have in this fight as a healer. We can easily heal through all of the "normal" damage in phase 1 and 2, normally the only deaths are from people not under an umbrella in phase 2. So the fight simply boils down to the damage dealing classes dealing enough damage. Which in the case of my guild they don't.

Phase 1 of the fight ends when Malygos is at 50% life, but as you can still blast at him while he leaves, he'll be at between 40% and 50% life throughout phase 2 and at the beginning of phase 3. To get him from there to zero, you need about 4 minutes in phase 3. But when we enter phase 3, there are usually just about 2 minutes left on the enrage timer. So pretty much every fight ends after ten-and-a-half minutes, when the enraged Malygos has killed us all, with still several million health left. And then we just start again and fail again, instead of looking at what is wrong. Am I the only one resetting his Recount before every fight and noticing all those people consistently doing less than 3k dps?

What really annoys me is that nobody ever even questions the performance of the dps classes. When on the first try the main tank died after the first vortex, several people were asking what was wrong with the healers. But we happily wipe half a dozen times due to lack of dps and nobody even mentions that going into phase 3 with just 2 minutes left isn't good enough damage-wise.

I don't mind wiping as long as I think that if I could just improve my own game, we would do better next time. But sitting there thinking that well, healing can't be improved any more, I'll just need to hope that the damage dealers get their act together, is insufferable. So I'll just opt out of Malygos raids until after Ulduar, where with the help of better gear the dps should be much better.

After Malygos we did the spider wing in Naxxramas on heroic last night, in under 20 minutes from the first boss to the last, earning us an achievement. And of course we got more loot from that wing than we would ever have gotten from Malygos. As long as people still can gear up in Naxxramas, I can't understand those saying that we shouldn't go there because it's "too easy". I got quite annoyed with one dps spec death knight who refused to go to Naxx with us, feeling it was below his dignity, in spite of having done only 2.5k dps in the Malygos fights, compared with our best death knight who did up to 4.5k dps. I think gearing up is as valid a way to improve your performance as practicing hard fights. And before somebody earns the right to criticize others for preferring "easy" Naxxramas gearing up to wiping at Malygos, he must at least not be part of the reason why we wipe.

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