Saturday, December 19, 2009

Crafting self-sufficiency

Morvelaira started an interesting project on her blog: She is trying to find "the most efficient and profitable way to become self-sufficient in World of Warcraft crafting? (Self-sufficient, in this case, meaning having all professions maxed on one server.)" Starting on a server where she has no other character, from scratch, she is trying to assemble a set of characters who between them cover all the tradeskills of World of Warcraft.

I guess the main problem will be the gathering skills. Because the crafting skills you can max out as early as level 65. For the gathering skills you'll need to visit some Northrend zones which would be rather perilous for level 65 characters. In any case, even if it's all Death Knights, leveling at least 6 characters to 65 is already a project by itself.

So I'm wishing Morvelaira good luck, and hope she's keeping us updated on her progress via her blog.

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