Tuesday, December 8, 2009

WoW viral marketing

The Mr. T TV ads and in-game mohawk grenades not having a big success, Blizzard apparently is now trying a much cleverer bit of viral marketing: America’s Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry declared on Twitter that she likes to play World of Warcraft "butt naked & stoned". The reason you can be sure that this is a marketing trick is that she included a photo of her doing just that, which just happens to be on the right side of "naughty but not obscene", wearing only a headset, but being cut off at exactly the right height for an "M" rating.

This being viral, of course Blizzard will deny all involvement, and we will be spared the Adrianne Curry NPC in WoW handing out "butt naked stoning grenades". Nevertheless as far as marketing pull goes, a naked top model from 2009 sure beats a fully dressed grumpy TV star from the 80's, especially for a target audience which is predominantly male and young. The news is spreading quickly over various gaming sites and blogs. And besides what they paid the model and the photographer, Blizzard doesn't even have to pay to spread the news. Very clever, Blizzard, well done!

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