Thursday, December 10, 2009

Paladin tanking in 3.3?

I'm all fired up by the prospects of the new WoW LFG system, and hearing how much fun other people have with it. My own experiences were likewise good, finding a random heroics group with my level 80 tank instantly, and completing it quickly with no problems. But when I tried to join a random group with my paladin, I didn't have much luck. He's only level 51, and on the first days I guess people are rather playing their level 80 characters in Icecrown than their alts. But more importantly the paladin is obviously specced retribution for soloing, and the queue showed 3 dps and a healer waiting for a tank that never came.

Now having recently made a small fortune with thorium (thorium ore sold for 20 gold per stack less than thorium bars), I decided to buy dual spec for my paladin. And as all my gear is with strength and stamina, with no spellpower anywhere, I think I'd rather use the second spec for a tank role than for a healer role.

Only problem is I never played a paladin tank, which presumably is different than playing a warrior tank. Can anyone here direct me to a good site with tanking tips for paladins? A first Google search resulted in finding lots of outdated information. What build, glyphs, and rotation would a paladin tank use in patch 3.3?

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