Friday, December 4, 2009

Keen on soloing

Seems to be the subject of the week, or I'm hearing echoes. Keen found some new information on SWTOR, namely that it will have companion characters which will allow you to solo everything, and thinks it is a horrible idea. Great minds think alike. ;)

Of course it is too early to say how big the influence of companion characters on Star Wars the Old Republic gameplay will be. But if it is all that is promised, it will be a nice test of my hypothesis that people will first love it, then leave it. Great test case actually, because if anyone can start the massively single-player online role-playing game genre, it is Bioware. SWTOR could prove that eliminating player cooperation from a MMORPG is a bad idea, if they drive the companions concept far enough, and it ends up becoming the dominant gameplay mode to the detriment of grouping with actual players.

[EDIT: P.S.: Oh my god! Now even Syncaine agrees!]

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