Monday, December 21, 2009

Syncaine insults Lum - Pass the popcorn

Scott "Lum the Mad" Jennings invented MMO blogging before people knew what a blog was, and thus has my highest respect. This year he started writing for, and delivered a series of very insightful articles, the latest of which is about How PvP Can Break Your Game. In that article Lum mentions the long series of PvP games that were failures: Shadowbane, Fury, and Darkfall among them. Of course Syncaine immediately reacted, being the defender-in-chief of Darkfall. And because Syncaine is such a reasonable and calm person, he reacted by throwing a bunch of personal insults in Lum's direction.

I don't think that was a good idea. Not only are Syncaine's arguments somewhat ridiculous, as usual (Darkfall is a bigger success than Aion, according to Syncaine, because Aion lost some of it's hundreds of thousands of players, while Darkfall added some to it's thousands of players), but also he has chosen the wrong target. Syncaine's blogs lives only of his strong convictions and emotions, while Lum mastered wit and well-written riposte a decade ago. If Lum decides to answer, that could be very amusing. Pass the popcorn, please!

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