Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ranting about patch 3.3 thread

Overall I find patch 3.3 great, maybe even the best Blizzard ever did. Which doesn't mean there aren't some small annoyances caused by bugs, changes, or just collateral damage. As it is good to get these things of your chest by ranting about them, I'm offering you all this thread to tell us what annoys you about patch 3.3. I'll start:
  • I'm not sure whether it is a bug or a feature, but my camera controls in WoW changed. You can't fix the tilt of the camera any more, when you move the camera automatically tilts towards some angle depending on the slope of the ground you stand on. Most of the time the angle chosen is stupid, especially if the ground is sloped. I hate it. And selecting or unselecting various options in the camera option in the interface menu doesn't appear to be able to stop it.
  • Additional instances cannot be launched. Grrrrr! WotLK had this problem before, Blizzard had claimed to have fixed it, but making instances a lot more popular only made the matter much worse. Last night a guild group I was in disbanded, because we simply couldn't get into the Halls of Reflection on normal. Please, Blizzard, give us more instance servers!
  • Collateral damage to some addons: I was using QuestGuru to display the level of quests and improve the quest interface. Apparently QuestGuru is incompatible with patch 3.3, and nobody is updating it. Anyone know a working addon to display the numerical level of quests? I'm going to miss the feature that keeps track of the quests I already did though.
I already mentioned auctioneer not working any more when tabbed out in the previous thread. So how about you? Everything running perfectly fine, or are there changes that annoy you?

[EDIT: The camera issue can in fact be fixed with a dropdown menu in the interface / camera options. And QuestGuru is available as version 2.0 on WoWUI, and is compatible with patch 3.3 there. Thanks to the readers who helped with advice!]

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