Thursday, January 6, 2011

Warrior tanking in Cataclysm?

My "main" in Cataclysm is supposed to be my holy priest. I do like healing in dungeons. I'm just not currently getting anywhere with that priest: I'm 85 and all decked out in the best possible gear one could get from running "normal" dungeons, but my guild has a serious tank shortage, and I haven't finished a single "heroic" dungeon yet. I could try to pug heroics, but from all I hear that isn't really a good idea right now.

My warrior is already level 84, and that without questing. I only did a few Vashj'ir quests to get the seahorse, and some minor quests for opening the portals to the other new zones. I made some xp with collecting herbs, but the large majority of my xp came from doing archeology. I'm only skill level 300, but I have already nearly a thousand troll fragments in reserve. The idea is to level to 450 using only the other fragments, and then use all the troll fragments in the hope of getting the epic 2H sword, Zin'rokh - Destroyer of Worlds. And yes, I know, even with a thousand fragments I'll still need a good amount of luck to get that one. But hey, at level 84 with rest XP every time I find fragments I get 30k xp, so in 100 dig sites I'll be level 85.

At which point the question poses itself of what I want to do with that warrior. I hadn't really planned to run dungeons with him, but if tanks are in short supply, tanking might be my best option if I ever want to complete a heroic. I'm just not sure whether warrior tanking is any good in Cataclysm. In WotLK I always felt as if my warrior tank had a big red floating label over his head saying "GIMP", because tanking was so much easier for druids and paladins. But as my druid and paladin are still level 80, I can't yet say how this works out in this expansion.

Do you have any experience in warrior tanking in Cataclysm 5-man dungeons? Is it still horribly inefficient compared to paladins and druids? Or has Blizzard balanced warriors better in this expansion?

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