Sunday, April 1, 2012

EVE Online empire space becomes safe

Well, there was bound to be some fallout from the Mittanigate affair. Apparently several players complained about being harassed, and CCP got under legal pressure to provide a harassment-free environment for those who didn't want to participate in the wars and treacherous politics of EVE Online. Thus they announced a rule-change that from the next patch on empire space will actually become *really* safe. No more suicide ganking possible, players in the safe sectors simply can't PvP at all any more. Even the usual tricks of getting a new player to flag himself for PvP by picking up "a gift" floating in space won't work any more. Empire space simply won't have any PvP at all any more, and those who want to PvP need to fly to Null-Sec.

While lots of players on the EVE forums are rather outraged about the "trammelization of EVE" and think this will destroy the game, the change does provide legal cover for CCP. Somebody like the guy being harrassed by the Mittani can now peacefully mine without fear of being ganked. And there is a very clear line between "safe" and "dangerous" sectors, instead of the wishy-washy assurance that empire space is "more or less safe, unless it's Hulkaggeddon day". CCP can thus clearly demonstrate to the authorities that players are safe from harassment until they ask for it.

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