Sunday, December 31, 2006

Craig's WoW in 2006 review

This year I didn't bother to write a review of all the games I played, because it basically would have said "I played World of Warcraft". But Craig wrote a long review of his year 2006 in World of Warcraft. An impressive raid calendar with up to 22 raids per month, and a slow progress from BWL to Naxxramas.

I don't keep records of all the raids I attended and what loot I got in each one. But for me 2006 started with my undead priest at level 42, and my level 60 warrior being semi-retired because nobody needs warriors. It ended with my undead priest in 5 pieces of tier 1 and 3 pieces of tier 2 gear, and my warrior having not advanced except for getting a high warlord 1h weapon from PvP. Instead I leveled a second priest to 60, Alliance this time and on a new server, but that wasn't a terribly bright idea, because having two level 60 priests is boring. I did spend quite some time raiding, getting up to the end of BWL, but due to Real Life ® preventing me from raiding every weekday, I don't think I ever did more than a dozen raids in a month.

How did your year 2006 look in review?

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