Saturday, December 23, 2006

Running with the lemmings

Hooray! I finally made it 22,500 honor points, and bought a High Warlord Bludgeon. Then I also got myself a Black War Kodo, to get rid of the excess marks of honor, and gave up on PvP. I just can't see the 3 battlegrounds any more. Not that I find 2 weeks grinding for an epic sword excessive, I just don't want to do it again for armor or a shield.

We all believe that in the virtual world we are doing what we are doing for fun, and out of our own free will. But looking at the current PvP popularity, I'm not sure it was my "free will" that made me play PvP. I think I was just running with the lemmings, doing what everybody was doing, whether it was fun or not.

If PvP was fun, then how come that so few people played it before the last patch? And how come that after the expansion comes out the battlegrounds will be deserted again? Apparently we don't play for fun, we play for phat loot. Whatever Blizzard makes the easiest way to get epics, people will follow it. A month from now the best loot will be found in BC 5-man dungeons, and everybody will be there. Aren't people wonderfully simple creatures, that they can be manipulated so well?

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