Monday, October 30, 2006

Blue screen of death

I had some problems during the weekend with running a video-editing software on my main computer, getting lots of different error messages indicating some problem with drivers. This morning while patching the Burning Crusade beta things got worse, and I repeatedly had blue screens of death saying "Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal" in ndis.sys. I think it is safe to assume that my Windows installation is screwed. Which doesn't really surprise me, I'm using the computer a lot, and the same installation of Windows is running on it since over a year. Time for some kind of reinstall, to fix all the driver problems. Damn, that is going to take me a while.

Fortunately I found a very helpful Windows Reinstall website. I think I'll try the Microsoft's Windows XP Professional (Pro) Repair Install step by step guide. I used to do these reinstalls from scratch, formating the hard drive and everything, but I hope that won't be necessary.

A repair reinstall of Windows has the advantage of leaving all the data on my hard drive. The only problem is that it clears my registry, including all the information that programs might have written into the registry when I installed them. Thus lots of software doesn't run any more afterwards, and needs to be reinstalled as well. I heard that World of Warcraft doesn't need registry entries to run, so I would be able to play directly, without reinstalling WoW. I hope that is true, because installing WoW isn't really a short process. Can anyone confirm this?

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