Thursday, January 25, 2007

WoW Journal - 26-January-2007

I hit level 63 last night, in the middle of a Blood Furnace instance run with a reasonably competent pickup group (yes, those exist!). It was a good run for loot as well, because I got Bloody Surgeon's Mitts, the first item I found which was definitely better than the tier 1 prophecy gloves I was wearing. I put a +13 healing and a +6 spirit gem in the sockets, got another +3 spirit bonus from managing to do that in the right colors, added a knothide armor kit for +8 stamina, and ended up with a total bonus of +18 sta, +20 int, +21 spi, +44 healing. Not bad at all.
I still haven't done all Hellfire Peninsula quests, and I want to finish them all before moving to the next zone. But I was a bit tired of the grind, and I need lots of adamantium if I want to increase my jewelcrafting. So I thought that level 63 would be high enough to tour some of the other zones and mine a bit. Well, I did the touring, gathering a lot of exploration xp, and having a nice look around. But the mining was an abject failure. In two hours of searching I found exactly 1 adamantium ore spot, plus about a dozen fel iron ore nodes. It seemed that everybody was out there mining. In one particularly annoying case I was heading for a node a bit up a slope, and couldn't reach it directly. And then some level 70 on a flying mount came swooping down, and grabbed the node before I could get there, even doing an insulting emote in my direction.
It seems that the dynamic spawn system has only been introduced for mobs, not for resource nodes. And because every smith, engineer, and jewelcrafter needs those nodes, they are simply far too overcamped. That explains the totally silly auction house prices, 50 gold for a stack of fel iron ore, 80 gold for a stack of adamantium ore, if available at all. Guess I'll have to wait until I'm level 70 with a flying mount myself before I can do any serious mining.

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