Sunday, January 28, 2007

WoW Journal - 29-January-2007

Still level 64, but I feel as if I have reached a milestone: I did all the quests in Hellfire Peninsula. Not a single quest left in any of the many locations there. Except of course for the ones I can't get at level 64 yet, but I figure those are related to the high-level part of Hellfire Citadel.

It feels like a milestone because I deliberately wanted to do all these quests before moving on. I only did very few quests outside Hellfire Peninsula, and that only when I was with a guild group doing some special elite or dungeon quest. As Hellfire Peninsula was also the only zone I quested in during the beta, I feel as if I'm now reaching the *really* new content.

Of course I wouldn't be level 64 with just the Hellfire Peninsula quests if I hadn't done a lot of dungeon runs as well. I enjoyed those, especially the Coilfang Reservoir ones. And I am honored with both Thrallmar and the Cenarion Expedition already, and that is without doing the Zangarmarsh quests for them, which should advance me a bit further. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the reputation system is calculated in a way that you can't get much better than honored without reaching level 70 and doing the endgame instances. At 5999/6000 in friendly, just 1 point away from honored, the mobs in Underbog stopped giving reputation, not even the boss mobs got me over the threshold. I had to hand in unidentified plant parts to get over the threshold, and as soon as I did, that repeatable quest vanished too.

Every faction now has a quartermaster offering lots of goodies if you are just high enough in reputation. But there was nothing I wanted for friendly or honored, I need to be revered or even exalted for the good stuff. And I'm sure that is going to involve some crazy grind again. That's why I never got to the good rewards of the old world factions, and I don't think Blizzard changed their policy on that: You need to give the people that are playing 16 hours a day every day something to do. I was positively angry when I heard about the only way to get a Netherdrake flying mount: You need to be on the top team for a season of the PvP. That is another reward that someone with a job and family won't ever be able to aspire to. I wonder if you could tell the Better Business Bureau how Blizzard promised you a Netherdrake in the expansion and then made it impossible to get. Well, probably more a case for a shrink. :)

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