Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is the enthusiasm for raiding flagging?

I know that personally I am suffering for WoW burnout. Yesterday I spent the whole evening in the Puzzle Quest demo instead of playing World of Warcraft. But bloggers and forum posters often poll themselves as a population of one and then extrapolate their personal feelings into a general trend, and I'd like to avoid it. So when I observe certain signs of people nowadays being less enthusiastic about raiding, I'm not sure whether I'm just seeing what I want to see to reflect my own feelings, or whether it is really a growing trend. So I'd like to ask you, my readers, on how you see the raiding situation right now. Are you still interested in raiding, and are your friends and guild mates?

The thing is, I can't even say for myself why I'm not interested in raiding any more. Are the smaller raids less fun than the 40-man raids? Am I just burned out in general, and not wanting to raid is just part of a larger malaise? Aren't the new epics interesting enough? Or is it the expectation that the next expansion will give me better loot for a lot less effort that makes me not want to raid? I have the impression that the raiding atmosphere between people is less pleasant nowadays, with raids being less fun, more disputes, and more close to serious work, which isn't necessarily something I'd want to do after working on my job all day. (<-- Insert hardcore comment from some raider here that raids aren't supposed to be fun, they *must* hurt to be an achievement.)

I'd be interested to hear from you what your raiding situation is. Raiding more now than before, or less? Why? If you never raided before, do you think you'll start doing so now, that the raids have gotten smaller? Or do you feel you can't even get past the attunement step?

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