Friday, April 13, 2007

Blogosphere chain letters

DM Osbon tagged me with another of those "name 5 things, tag 5 other bloggers" chain letters. Now I'm supposed to name 5 goals of mine. I'm going to cheat on this one. First of all I won't tag anyone else with this. And then I'm not listing personal goals, but only 5 goals I have with my characters in World of Warcraft. Sorry, but I never really been a friend of chain letters, and shouldn't have participated in the last one on "5 things you didn't know about me". Well, anyway, here are 5 WoW goals I have:

1) Reach level 20 with my blood elf mage and do all the quests in the new blood elf zones.

2) Get the botanist's field guide from Botanica and learn potion mastery with my warrior alchemist.

3) Do slave pens with my level 70 warrior. Yeah, it's late, but I have only the Underbog part of the Coilfang Reservoir quest completed, and really should get the other half done.

4) Become revered with the Sporeggar with my warrior alchemist, so I can learn the transmute primal earth to water recipe. Primal earth being a lot cheaper than primal water, that might be a good money-maker. And I'm already honored with them.

5) Visit Shattered Halls and Arcatraz with my priest to get the last 2 missing pieces of the "Hallowed" priest dungeon set 3.

Not very ambitious goals, but then I'm playing a lot less World of Warcraft these days, and if I get sucked into LotRO I might never even make these.

Suggestion: Instead of me tagging other bloggers, I'm tagging all of my readers to list 5 of their World of Warcraft goals in a comment. How about that?

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