Thursday, April 26, 2007

LotRO Journal - 27-April-2007

Short journal entry, because I didn't play last night, all the servers were down.

Now I know it would make a better story if I told you how incredibly surprised and outraged I was that I couldn't play. But in reality my reaction was more like "what took them so long?". The server crash is two days late. Probably delayed by the account creation page being inaccessible on release day, so it took people more time to create their accounts and overload the servers.

Of course I spent some minutes trying to enter the game repeatedly, and checking the forums. But once I realized the game was down for the night, I just wandered off, did some AH transactions in WoW, and then went to watch TV. I wonder if it's just getting used to downtimes, or whether my lifetime subscription has anything to do with it. If you consider a MMORPG to have a finite amount of content, and you already paid for all of it, it doesn't really matter so much when exactly you consume that content.

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