Monday, April 30, 2007

LotRO Journal - 1-May-2007

The first of May is a public holiday over here, so I took yesterday off and have a 4-day weekend. Lots of time to play LotRO, and still get some other Real Life ® things done. I played all afternoon yesterday, on an increasingly empty server, because the logon server was down from 3 pm to nearly midnight. The European side of LotRO has more technical problems than the US side, this is the second half-day of outage since release day here.

I don't know if Codemasters is giving out extra days as compensation, like Blizzard does, for outages like this. But one of the curious problems of a lifetime subscription is that you can't get compensated. Lifetime plus x days? On the plus side they decided to move the patch from today to tomorrow, so I'm gaining at least half a day of non-maintenance on this holiday. And while other people don't like the regular 9-12 am Tuesday maintenance window, I actually prefer this to the earlier WoW maintenance, because in LotRO I can still check the auction house before going to work.

My minstrel is level 18 now, and has finished all accomplishments in the Shire, except for the advanced slug-slayer one. The slugs are easy enough to kill, there just aren't all that many spawn points for them in the bog, and the respawn rate isn't high. As much as I love the Shire, I'm afraid I'll be forced to move on. Now I could follow the traditional route of going into Bree-land. But I'm also considering visiting the elf/dwarf low-level area first, and doing the accomplishments there, at least those with traits that I want to equip. Some of the mobs I would need to kill for that might still give xp at my level.

I also advanced my cooking and tailoring. For cooking I needed to climb the Weathertop in the Lone Lands to pick a herb, which was easy enough without a fight. For tailoring I needed to kill a level 20 signature aurochs, grazing in the middle of level 25ish elite orcs, which wasn't that easy. Fortunately a level 20 guild mate helped me. So now I can do expert level recipes for both cooking and tailoring. I just need to level up now, because I can't use these crafted goods before level 20.

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