Saturday, April 7, 2007

Money for WoW items

I'm telling you, these gold farmers do it all wrong. They spend all this time in these sweat shops working hard, getting only a few bucks for their gold, and with the gold you can only buy the same stuff that all the other players already have access to. No, no, the real way to make money is to sell lottery tickets with a very low chance to win an item that nobody else has, like a sun umbrella, pet monkey, or an imp in a ball. Crazy? No, actually that's the news from MMO Evolution, and they got the screenshots to back them up.

Only instead of lottery tickets Upper Deck Entertainment is selling World of Warcraft trading card games. And in each pack there is a tiny, tiny chance to find one of these new loot cards. Which makes them valuable. The pet ape is $100 on EBay. And you'd need to open booster packs of WoW trading cards for hundreds of dollars before you got all the loot cards.

And there isn't any 12-hours shifts playing a computer game in a sweat shop involved. They just make money out of nothing, because people are willing to pay $100 for a non-combat pet, as long as it is cute. Totally legit. Makes you wonder when Blizzard will start selling WoW items directly for dollars. Although the lottery system is maybe more elegant.

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