Monday, April 2, 2007

WoW Journal - 2-April-2007

Yes, I'm still playing World of Warcraft. But significantly less than before. This weekend even the Puzzle Quest demo, limited to level 7 as it is, managed to keep me playing longer than WoW (I just had to play all character classes to the max in Puzzle Quest to see which one I liked best. I recommend warriors.) So I didn't do any instances at all this weekend, and only grouped shortly once, to help a guild mate with an elite quest.

So what I was doing in WoW is playing my level 68 warrior. Having finished all the quests in Nagrand, except a couple of boring ones that I decided to skip, I moved on to Blade's Edge. Questing there started a bit slow, there aren't all that many quest-givers in Thunderlord Stronghold. But once I did the first handful of quests, it opened up a quest series for Rexxar, Champion of the Horde. Apparently he has given up wandering through Desolace, and has been replaced there by another champion of the horde NPC for the Onyxia quest chain.

Many of the quests in Blade's Edge mountains involve killing ogres. Fortunately there are a couple of fun quests and events, not just serial killing. You meet the disembodied head of a troll witch doctor, who is asking you for 10 beers and a hookah (no, I'm not spelling that wrong), which leads to you receiving a source for beer that distracts one tribe of ogres. You get to curse some ogre buildings. And Rexxar sends you to control a marmot which stealthes through the ogre camp to poison their kegs. All fun enough, but after a couple of hours I tend to get bored nowadays.

That is insofar strange as soloing with my warrior is more fun than soloing with my priest. I so love the spell reflect ability, especially since it also works on a couple of breath weapons. Not only is the ability very useful, it also forces you to react more, making combat more interactive. Nevertheless I did have a situation again this weekend where I got disconnected while fighting 2 ogres, and by the time I reconnected one ogre was dead, and I still had enough health left to kill the other ogre before he got me. That makes me feel as if my button-mashing wasn't serving for much more than shorten fights I would also have won on auto-attack. Not very heroic, nor interactive.

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