Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Failure to launch

I received a beta invite for a game whose NDA doesn't allow me to mention its name. So I follow the instructions and download the 3 GB beta client and install it. But the game uses a launcher and that launcher is apparently broken, and all I get is a "Please report this crash to Microsoft" error window. And another game from the same company I installed recently now isn't working any more either, because the launcher is broken. Grrrr!

So I uninstall both games and try to reinstall. "Can't reinstall because you already have a newer version of the launcher installed". Hey, I deleted that one too! So now I have to open the registry editor and manually remove all references to games and launchers from that company. Once the computer is completely cleaned up of all previous traces, I install again. But no luck, the launcher is still doing nothing but crashing.

So I head over to the game's beta forums. No messages on that at all, "Please log in". I follow the instruction on how to register a message board account with my beta game login, but only get another error message that they don't recognize my account. Back to the account creation page I verify my userid and password, even reset the password, but the beta forum doesn't budge. Well, that explains the lack of messages on it.

Needless to say that up to now I'm not terribly impressed with this new game. But if I ever get it to run, and the NDA is dropped one day, I'll write a review on it.

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