Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No more bots in WoW?

A reader wrote me to tell me that in his opinion "Blizzard made a fantastic smash at the botting community in WoW". Now I'm not playing all that much WoW any more, and anyway I always had problems telling a bot from a real player farming. But I *did* notice that on the auction house of my server which used to be swamped with cheap adamantite ore there is now very little of that ore, and prices have gone up by up to 50%. I wonder if there have been mining bots that Blizzard somehow eliminated, or whether something else happened.

Another sure way to see how successful Blizzard is against botters would be to follow the real dollar prices of WoW gold on the internet. I know there are several price comparison sites, but I never visit them, so I don't know if they offer "historical" data. If Blizzard bans gold farmers or eliminated bot programs, the gold price should go up. Too bad I'm too lazy to check those prices every week.

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