Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Golfing stories

I played a very nice 9-hole round of golf in Shot Online last night. Well, actually it went pretty much perfectly for the first 6 holes, me being one under par in total. Then on the 7th hole on approaching the green my ball lands badly on a very steep slope. I get into trouble trying to play the ball onto the green, it landing far shorter than I thought it would. Then I get nervous and blow the putting, and end up with a double bogey, two over par for the hole, one over par for the round. I play par on the 8th hole, but then produce a bogey on the 9th, and end up with a score of two over par for the whole round. Better than usual, but after the excellent start the finish was a bit of a letdown.

So instead of playing another round, I decide to follow my readers' advice and download and install Albatross 18, another online golf game. I haven't had time to play more than the tutorial. But from a gameplay point of view it seems to be pretty much identical to Shot Online, with just some minor differences in the details. The principle is still the same, you play golf, gain money and experience, raise your skills, buy items to improve your game, and you can advance faster if you spend real world money to buy buffs. The graphical style is very different, being more colorful and cheery, with avatars all looking like little kids and special effects like the rewards for a good hole jumping as coins out of the hole. I'll play it a bit more, but I guess I'll stick to Shot Online.

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