Thursday, June 14, 2007

First LotRO content patch

My Lord of the Rings Online launcher is currently downloading 2,705 files to update to version 1.2, otherwise known as the Shores of Evendim content patch. Patch notes here. Best quote from the patch notes:

"There were some invisible walls appearing on the slopes of Weathertop. We made them...disappear. Come on, who writes this stuff? Invisible walls are invisible how do they - what? It's still on? Oh, umm. We removed the offending walls."

As I'm still downloading it, I didn't have opportunity to play with the new stuff yet. But things I like from the patch notes are the reworked farming system, the now scaleable UI, and the addition of a clock to show you what time it is in-game. Things I'm sceptical about are the first 24-person raid instance and the introduction of epic armor sets. Come on guys, if I had wanted raid content I would have stayed with World of Warcraft. :)

Most important change of course is the addition of a new mid-level zone, as previously solo quests in the 30's were apparently too few. Free added content which is accessible to all players, and not just to a small elite minority, is the most important thing a patch can add to keep a game alive and attractive.

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