Friday, June 15, 2007

Overlord first impressions

Would you like to play a fantasy game which is a bit, well, different? I am thinking of buying Overlord, a single-player fantasy game where you play the evil overlord, battling halflings and heroes to dominate the lands. Fileplanet, where I got the demo from, called it "an evil version of Pikmin", which isn't a bad description. And an "evil Pikmin" is good news for several reasons. Pikmin itself is only available on the Gamecube, so Overlord is the first time PC players get that sort of gameplay. And directing a horde of minions to burn down halfling farms (Overlord) is obviously more fun than directing a horde of flowers to rebuild a space ship (Pikmin).

So I suggest you get the demo and try it. If, like on my computer, the demo fails to run due to a missing file d3dx9_29.dll, you can get that file from many places on the internet, just google for it. Besides having an interesting gameplay mechanism which is unlike other PC fantasy games you might have played, Overlord also has an evil sense of humor, which made me laugh several times. Burning down fields and sending out minions to pillage is a lot of fun. Recommended.

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