Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blog transformations

This blog underwent some transformations over the year, visible in the number of visitors.

Visitor numbers kept growing during the first quarter, and then two things happened in the second quarter: I quit WoW and I switched my RSS feed to enable reading my full articles via a feed reader. So while my December numbers look a lot lower than the peak in March, in reality the number of readers has remained pretty much constant. Instead of 3,000 visits a day, I now get 2,000 visits, but Feedburner tells me that 1,250 people are reading my feed. Of course feed readers are harder to count, the Feedburner numbers are just an estimate, and feed readers could always click on the article and get counted as site visitors as well.

The idea of this blog isn't to make money with views or clicks on ads, but to spread my ideas and to encourage discusion. So I'll keep the RSS feed this way, even if that diminishes the number of site visitors. Last year I paid about $100 for the advanced Sitemeter stats, but I let that lapse now. Google Analytics and Feedburner are giving me the same information for free. I'll just keep the basic Sitemeter counter for the cummulative count.

I hope you enjoyed my blog this year, and wish you a happy new 2008!

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