Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blizzard improves the Arena in season 4

In what WoWInsider calls the end of welfare epics, Drysc from Blizzard revealed changes to the arena system designed to prevent cheating and reward the *real* good players. I never played in the arena, so I'm not 100% sure how all this works, but previously there was apparently a lot of cheating going on where bad PvP players bought a team with a high rating for gold, and then profited from the high team rating. The new season 4 rewards will only be buyable by people with a high *personal* rating, and if the average personal rating of a team is much lower than its team rating, the lower rating will be used. I can't say how effective that is going to be, but the direction is certainly a good one: you'll have to be good at PvP yourself to get the S4 rewards, just being a member of a good team isn't enough any more.

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