Monday, April 7, 2008

I hate WSG

Well, hate is too strong an expression. But of the 4 available battlegrounds, I like WSG the least, by a large margin. Even in spite of the 2.4 changes, far too often one side turtles somewhere with the captured flag, and the game goes on forever and forever. A reader wrote me complaining why Blizzard "forces" people to play battlegrounds they don't like. The PvP rewards cost some amount of honor and some amount of victory marks, and if the item you want cost 20 WSG victory marks, you'll have to do WSG, whether you like it or not. Since recently you can also exchange a set of one of each type of victory marks for some honor points, which again prevents you from playing only the battleground(s) you like.

Well, I can see the advantage as well as the disadvantage of the system. If all the battlegrounds gave the same type of victory mark, sooner or later people would find out which of them gave the best honor and most marks per hour, and the other three battlegrounds would become increasingly deserted. And although I don't like WSG, I'd rather do a mix of battlegrounds than the same battleground all the time. Blizzard is forcing us to diversify for our own good.

But what I could imagine would be a vendor where you could exchange marks at a 3 to 1 ratio. So if you really, really don't want to visit WSG but needed 20 WSG victory marks, you could just give the NPC 60 victory marks from other battlegrounds instead. So for people who are after the fastest way to marks, diversifying would still be the best solution. But if you just can't stand one specific place, you'd have a costly way to avoid it.

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