Sunday, April 6, 2008

WoW PvP loot now earnable by PvE

On my server phase 3 of the Sunwell Offensive started last night. So I went to the newly opened armory and had a look around. There were a bunch of armor vendors standing around, albeit not the one for the new badge loot. But what the already existing armor vendors had was PvP gear with a twist: you could buy it for badges of justice or for the tokens that drop from raid bosses. So you can now raid and use the badges and tokens you get from PvE to buy yourself PvP epics.

Speaking as a tank I can only remark one thing: Why only that way around? Why can I still not buy any PvE tank armor using honor points and victory marks? If any activity now can give you PvP armor, but only PvE gives you PvE armor, I get the impression that Blizzard wants to steer us all towards PvP.

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