Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Holiday in Karazhan

No disrespect to my fellow mages, but last night for the first time I raided Karazhan with my mage, and boy is that much easier than going there with my priest. I felt as if I was on a holiday! I'm not saying it takes no brains at all, one needs to follow the main assist's target and watch aggro on Omen. But compared to having to watch 10 health bars, chosing always the right healing spell for the situation, and shackling, playing a mage was downright relaxing. As a frost mage I'm used to having to shield myself, freezing mobs in place, and moving into the best position when soloing, but in a raid I don't need to do any of that. I can just click on CTRaidAssist's MA box for the right target and start spamming frostbolt, while keeping an eye on my threat meter. In some places I have to decurse, but I did that also with my priest. Sheeping doesn't come into play in Karazhan. So all in all the number of buttons to hit is rather limited.

Anyway, I wasn't planning on starting a raiding career with the mage, I just wanted to see Karazhan from a different angle. I even managed to pick up the T4 gloves from the Curator nobody wanted, although I passed on everything anyone else needed. So it was a pretty fun evening. Big thanks to my guild for taking me, knowing perfectly well that my dps wasn't great. But the raid went perfectly well from Attumen to Curator, and only Nightbane resisted us. Fun!

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