Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Do you use voice chat in raids?

Back in the days when I was in a more serious raiding guild doing Molten Core and BWL, we were using Teamspeak for voice chat. One guy had a role which somewhat reminded me of that of a drill sergeant, that is he was there to bark orders to the troops. As many of these orders were about starting or stopping damage, and I don't like headphones, so was running the voice chat on my laptop loudspeakers, my wife started to become well acquainted with that particular voice, and called him the "stop dps guy". :) Well, I took a long break from WoW last year and got into Burning Crusade raiding much later and with another guild, who don't use voice chat. And now I don't know if voice chat went out with the Burning Crusade, because smaller raids and improved boss mods / raid warning macros made voice obsolete. Or whether most raid guilds still use some form of voice chat.

So I'd like to hear your experience with and opinion on voice chat in TBC raiding. Do most people still use it? Is it still useful? And if yes, what voice chat system do you use, the new WoW integrated voice chat or an external program like Teamspeak or Ventrilo?

I'd also like to hear your experience with accents on voice chat. I'm playing on European "English" servers, where everyone from the UK to Italy, and from Norway to Israel is playing, basically everyone who isn't on a German or French or Spanish language server. Even reading the typed English of some people there is a challenge, and the spoken accents of everyone except the Scandinavians are hard to understand. (Why does a Swede usually speak clearer English than someone from lets say Yorkshire?) I can only guess that this is less of a problem with US servers, but I'd love to hear your impressions on that issue.

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