Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nihilum expands

Nihilum is considered to be the world's top PvE guild in World of Warcraft. So I was somewhat surprised to get an invitation to join their team, I'm not especially known as being a top raider. But of course they didn't want me for my leet raiding skillz. They are planning to expand their website and were looking for writers.

Nihilum already has a website with far more features than the average guild website, and I'm guessing they get a lot of traffic. Especially their Guides section is very good, with in-depth theorycrafting. When Nihilum writes about the best raiding talent build for this or that class, you can be sure that they know what they are talking about. Well worth visiting.

Nevertheless I don't think that the site is going to be the next WoWInsider. People visit the Nihilum site for what they are, not for what they write. My initial contact with one of the writers from Nihilum was because I had made a bad joke about his punctuation after quoting him. Which wasn't nice of me, my apologies. Nevertheless if you go through the whole Nihilum site, especially the columns section, you will find lots of examples of bad writing, bad spelling, bad grammar, and bad language, none of which would ever have made it past the editor of WoWInsider (I'm pretty sure they have one). When I was still writing for Grimwell.com, before Grimwell closed down the site and turned it into a personal blog, we couldn't simply post what we wanted. There was a system of peer reviews and an editor looking at spelling and grammar. I'm not saying that I don't make spelling and grammar mistakes on this blog, but working with an editor certainly improved my writing skills. I am so not going to write a column next to people who don't know what a capital letter is and whose every second word is "fuck". So I ended up declining the invitation.

Nevertheless I wish them the best of luck with their endeavor to expand their site. And thank them for their invitation, because now if somebody asks me what guilds I've been in I can always say "well, Nihilum wanted me, but I turned them down". :)

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