Saturday, April 5, 2008

Is predictable necessary?

MikeJL wrote me with an idea: Why can't dungeons be more dynamic? Mobs could move around more, there could be occasional changes to the outlay, anything to make the place less static. He complains that beating bosses is like following a recipe in a cookbook, very mechanical. But I wonder if something more dynamic and less predictable would even be possible.

Raid groups beat bosses by knowing exactly what to do in every phase of the combat. Although the tactics might be all over the internet, the execution is still hard enough, and usually takes a number of wipes to train it. Everyone has to know exactly where to stand and what to do. It isn't exactly a system that deals well with surprises. If it was less predictable, it would have to be a lot easier from the amount of health the boss has and how much damage he deals, because otherwise it would just be too hard to do. And I'm not even sure players would like a more dynamic system all that much.

So what do you say, would dynamic boss behavior in dungeons be an improvement, or are static bosses fine as they are?

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