Sunday, April 20, 2008

Would you play WoW on a classic server?

Supposedly still this year the second expansion for World of Warcraft comes out, Wrath of the Lich King. While that expansion will be very popular, and bring new content, other parts of the existing content will become obsolete. Just like nobody is doing Scholomance or Stratholme or UBRS now, nobody will visit the level 70 Outlands dungeons after WotLK is there. Only if people are at the level cap are they visiting dungeons and raid dungeons of that level cap. Once the level cap is lifted, it becomes easier and more profitable to solo in the new lands than to group in the old dungeons. But you can't turn back time. Or can you? In this case it might just be possible: What if Blizzard introduced "classic servers", which had all the improvements of TBC (including the new races) and WotLK (including Deathknights), but not the new continents, and where the level was capped at 60. After a certain time, lets say a year or two, the level cap could go up to 70 and Outlands would open up.

With everyone limited to the old content, it would be a lot easier to find groups for there. The old level 60 dungeons would be viable again, because there wouldn't be anything better. Raid guilds could do Molten Core and Blackwing Lair again. New players, who have never seen the old level 60 content could finally see it. And nostalgic veterans could go back to the good old days, if they think of them as that. But there wouldn't be a complete rollback to before patch 2.0 or 1.13, because it would be too complicated to run with servers with different patch versions. The classic servers would have all the improvements from recent patches, like the new cooking recipes of 2.4, or the improved Duskwallow Marsh from patch 2.3. The only difference to a normal server would be the different level cap and not having access to Outlands / Northrend.

So, if you are bored now, or imagine getting bored a few months after WotLK comes out, would you play on a classic server with a level 60 cap?

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