Monday, November 3, 2008

Comment moderation for old posts

Nothing is older than yesterday's news. Most of the discussion happening in the comment sections of this blog is taking place in the one or two days following the post. Older posts comments sections are rarely used. And unfortunately *when* they are used, it is most often by comment spam and gold-seller advertising. I have e-mail notification on, so I then go and delete those comments. But to make my life a bit easier, I now turned on comment moderation for posts older than 14 days.

That means you shouldn't notice anything different when posting comments here, except if you try to post a comment on a post older than 2 weeks. Comments on old posts will not appear immediately on the blog, but only if I okay them.

If I messed up anything with the settings and broke something, please comment on that here, or if comments aren't working at all for you any more, by mail to

[EDIT: By an unfortunate coincidence Blogger embeded comments stopped working today. Of course I thought it was my changes to settings that made my comments stop working, but then Blogger Help Groups showed other people have the same problem. So comments are back to full-page mode until Blogger fixes embeded comments mode.]

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