Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The nicest pickup group ever

Yesterday I was playing with what was probably the nicest pickup group ever. We were doing the daily heroic, Underbog, and everything went just very smooth. The tank and druid were extremely well geared, and while my mage and the other two players weren't quite as well geared, we all knew how to play well. And suddenly we had a surprise drop from a random mob: A Blade of Wizardry, a bind on equip epic sword. I hesitated, then asked the group whether I could roll need on that, it being much better than my currently equipped sword. And not only did they say "sure", they *all* passed and let me have it. And that although they could have rolled need as well, and sold the thing on the auction house for around 1,000 gold. I immediately equipped it, to show that I wasn't planning to sell it, and it is looking great, like a lightsaber. Was too busy to really check the proc rate, but I was very happy.

Did you ever meet a pickup group as nice as that?

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