Friday, November 14, 2008

WotLK experience points

Just two short observation on gaining experience points in Wrath of the Lich King. The first one is probably not new, but I simply didn't have the opportunity yet to observe it. It turned out that my newly improved protection warrior at level 70 can solo level 77 mobs, I once even fought a 77 and a 76 at the same time and survived. Barely, and with the use of potions and everything, but I survived. And then I was sorely disappointed by the lousy xp I got. It turns out that the WoW xp formula gives you a certain amount of xp for killing a mob of your level, and only adds 5% per level difference to that for higher levels. Thus the level 77 mob soloed with my level 70 warrior only got me 35% more xp than a level 70 mob would have done. But of course farming lower level mobs is a lot faster, so for fastest xp the lower level mobs are much better. I like the WAR system better, where you get little xp for lower level mobs, and a lot of xp for higher level mobs.

The second observation appears to be new: Dungeons seem to give a lot more xp now. Clearing out two dungeons with my warrior, and doing nothing else, gave me over a quarter of a level from 70 to 71, and only part of that was with rest bonus. Elite trash mobs give 2k xp per group member, which is far more than the "double xp plus group bonus" they used to give. So while grinding dungeons for reputation is out, grinding dungeons for xp is totally feasible. Not that I want to grind anything, but I happen to like dungeons, so I like this.

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