Monday, November 17, 2008

Death Knight Chronicles

The Wrath of the Lich King is an opportunity for plenty of new beginnings. One player, Scott Goldie, decided on a project where he plays a Death Knight and chronicles his adventures on a website called DKayed. There is not only a blog, but also a Twitter feed, a YouTube channel, and a Picase image gallery. Multimedia Death Knight chronicles, the sign of the modern age. I'm old-fashioned and stick to blogging.

I created a Tauren Death Knight, and didn't even enter the game with him. I plan to play him much later, when I've seen enough of Northrend and wouldn't mind another tour of Outlands. I only created the character now to reserve the name, Bullerich. The name is based on a German word, "bullerig", meaning sour-tempered, but in German the "ig" is often pronounced close to "ich". And of course the "bull" part is nice for a Tauren.

Apparently naming a Death Knight is a problem. I've seen lots of variations of anti-heroes of fantasy literature (Elric, Kane), often using special characters like "ä" or "é", which makes it quite difficult for other players to type those names for sending a tell or invite. And there are thousands of Death Knight called Death-something, like Deathmoo, Deathnight, and so on (I found Deathnought funny). That must be a bit annoying for those players who called their character Death-something years ago, and are now swamped by lots of other players with similar names. How did you name your Death Knight?

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