Saturday, November 22, 2008

A reversal of fortunes

Through all of the original World of Warcraft and the Burning Crusade, I was playing a holy priest and a protection warrior. As I'm mainly interested in group play, I wasn't interested in dps specs for those classes, as I didn't want to constantly respec. I accepted that both would be leveling slower than for example my frost mage. And I observed that the holy priest was leveling somewhat faster than the protection warrior. Now patch 3.0.2. brought a lot of changes to all classes, and Wrath of the Lich King some more. And curiously now my protection warrior levels much faster than my holy priest.

The holy priest admittedly now can kill a single mob faster than before, by putting two DOTs on it, then burning it down with Smite, Mind Blast, and Holy Fire. But that method isn't terribly mana efficient, after two mobs I'm out of mana. So I spend a lot of time sitting and drinking to get ready for the next fights. It's getting a bit better since I put points into Spirit Tap, but its still slow. My warrior on the other hand is herbalist / alchemist, and has lifebloom, mixology, and newly created eternal healing potions. And just using both lifebloom and the eternal healing potion whenever the cooldown is over is enough for him to keep killing mobs of his level without ever needing to sit and eat to regain health. And since I discovered that Berserker Rage now can be used not only in Berserker Stance, I never run out of rage either. Even in defensive stance I'm a killing machine, due to Shockwave and Sword and Board.

So I'm wondering whether Blizzard kind of "forgot" priests in their review of making every class great damage dealers. Or will I have to wait for the promised dual-spec feature, so I can solo faster in shadow spec without losing holy spec for groups.

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