Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How can we discuss the viability of public quests?

I have a blogging conundrum: I am very interested in MMORPGs in general, how they work or don't work, how they could be made better, and what features or design decisions are good or bad. Thus I would very much like to discuss the viability of public quests in level-based games. The inherent problem I see in this feature is that people "outlevel" zones, and with time lower-level zones become underpopulated, leading to there not being enough players around for the public quests. The problem is that I can't possibly discuss that theory without a certain recent game coming up in the discussion or in the sources I'd link to. And then the fans of that game turn up, accuse me of being biased against their game, and being a fanboi of a game I just quit (as if that would make any sense).

How can we have an intelligent discussion of game features without descending into tribal warfare? What I really want to know is whether public quests are something you'd think would improve some hypothetical future MMORPG, not whether "your game is better than mine".

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