Thursday, April 14, 2011

The perfect Looking for Group system

So here is my proposal for creating the perfect Looking for Group system: Every player is only allowed to run one single dungeon per day. When signing up for a dungeon, the system waits until it has 10 players from one server, that is 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 6 dps. These 10 players are then transported into a waiting room where each of them is given 10 minutes to speak to the other players: Time to convince the other players that he is the best candidate to group with. After everybody got his 10 minutes, there is a vote from all of the 10 players, and the 1 tank, the 1 healer, and the 3 dps who get the most votes from their fellow players can then start to run the dungeon.

Due to there being only one chance to run a dungeon, and the strict selection process, this system guarantees the best behaved and optimal pickup group possible. The perfect system!

Of course that system also produces just a fraction of dungeon runs any previous system did. And it is extremely cumbersome and unpractical. But with so many players complaining about every change which produces more dungeon runs faster, and effectively claiming that anything which makes dungeon groups easier to form makes people behave less well in them, this new system must be a smash hit!

[Note for the less bright people out there: This was sarcasm, not a real proposal.]

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