Friday, April 1, 2011

Remember me?

I was discussing Dr. Richard Bartle's opinion of Rift as a WoW expansion with somebody on chat, and the person I was talking with said something along the lines of "Oh, Bartle, that's the guy with the Bartle Test, isn't it?". Not "the co-creator of the first MUD", or "the writer of Designing Virtual Worlds", no, most people only remember that one article about achievers, explorers, socializers, and killers in online games. Or not even the article itself, but some bastardized multiple choice test that wasn't even created by Dr. Bartle himself.

In a similar vein, when Paul Barnett’s involvement in a possible remake of Ultima IV in online form was mentioned on this blog, one commenter immediately remembered Paul for his "bears, bears, bears" video. Now that was a great video, and one could say that the enthusiastic hyping of a feature which then ultimately didn't make it in that form into the game neatly summarizes people's disappointment with WAR. But I seriously doubt that Paul Barnett views that video as the defining point of his career, and the one thing he wants to be remembered for.

That makes me wonder what people remember me for. Probably not for any of my real life achievements, because I hardly ever even mention them. But even of my blog posts I doubt that the ones I think are my best work are actually the ones that stuck in people's memory, if they remember me at all. What do you remember me for?

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