Saturday, September 30, 2006

More BWL

Another day, another step of BWL progress. On yesterday's BWL expedition we managed to kill Broodlord Lashlayer on the second try. Not a bad pace of progress, I have to say, after only killing Razorgore for the first time last week, and Vael this weekend. Our further progress then came to a screeching halt, when we had repeatedly trouble to handle the warlocks in the next room. We hadn't really been prepared for them, and for trash mobs they are rather nasty.

I guess BWL will become rather popular with my guild in the coming weeks, now that we actually kill bosses there and get tier 2 loot. Wiping on the first boss somewhere is always depressing, but wiping on a boss further in, after having gotten some loot already, is much more digestible.

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