Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Travian Journal - 25-July-2006

Strange happenings, somebody is sending an army my way from very far off. I got a report that he sent scouts to find out about my resources, troops, and defences. Then I get a message that his army will be attacking me at 4:30 am next night. Lots of advance warning, because his village is far away. Haven't got a clue why I am being attacked, he doesn't belong to an alliance of which I have attacked anyone. And why would you want to raid somebody where your army takes a whole day to walk there, and then another day to come back?

Anyway, I decided that the best strategy is to be not home when he arrives. I used up all of my resources, and the resources I'm producing up to 4:30 am will fit into my crannies and can't be robbed. And I found a small, inactive village some hours away which I am raiding with all of my troops, so they only come back to my village after the attacker was there. So the idea is that the attacker comes and nothing happens, as there are no troops to kill and no resources to rob. I'll see tomorrow if that plan worked.

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