Saturday, July 29, 2006

WoW Journal - 30-July-2006

I finally finished all the quests in Stranglethorn Vale, except for the elite ones, which I skip if the reward isn't for my class. I also finished Uldaman, after the third or fourth run, with the help of a level 50 paladin. The final boss is level 47 elite, with lots of adds, a particularly hard fight. No luck with loot, in all the runs I didn't find a single item I rolled need on. The items I could wear were are giving lots of stamina and spirit, but no or very little intellect.

So I'm level 45 now, and there are several zones where I can go now: Tanaris, Feralas, The Hinterlands. I started in Tanaris, doing the artisan cooking quest, so I can advance cooking past 225 now. I also did another hidden quest in Dustwallow Marsh, given by Stinky Ignaz, who is hiding north of the northern watch tower. Escorting him back to safety was the last quest in a series of quests for Angus Stern, the cook of the Blue Recluse in the mage quarter of Stormwind. After doing all those quests you can go back to him and click on him, and a small event starts, where he holds a feast in your honor. You get a moist towelette as reward, and clickable food appears on the bar and the tables. Not highly useful, but nice. If you ever plan on throwing an in-game party, you might want to do the quest series first, invite everybody to the Blue Recluse, and hand the quest in when they are there. Sure to impress your guests.

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